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The Fairfield County Health Department will perform on-site evaluations of existing deeded lots to determine whether the lot can be developed for commercial or residential use. An Order One Soil Survey is required for the lot, but there is not a minimum acreage requirement for an existing lot to be evaluated. If you are interested in a lot that is less than 2.0 acres, you should contact the Fairfield Department of Health to ensure that the lot can be properly developed.


Fairfield County Health Department (FDH) approval is required for all new lots, including the remainder, regardless of size. Applying for a subdivision of land from FDH should be your first step for anyone interested in splitting land or creating a new lot. The subdivision of land should be applied for and approved by FDH before the proposed lot split is surveyed. The Fairfield Department of Health may require proposed lot lines to be adjusted based on the Order One Soil Survey.

Any proposed new lot must contain a usable area that contains soils suitable for the installation of a sewage treatment system. Usable acreage means a contiguous area of land which is not divided or limited by a waterway, easement, right-of-way, or other site or soil limitation affecting the installation of an on-site sewage treatment system.

The Fairfield County Health Department uses information from the Order One Soil Survey to determine the location of sewage treatment systems for each proposed lot. Subsequently, the location of proposed lot lines must accommodate these locations to ensure that the proposed lot can be developed in compliance with Fairfield Department of Health sewage treatment system regulations.

If a proposed lot is intended to have a use other than being developed for commercial or residential use (i.e. agricultural use or recreational use), only an application is required. A signed written statement clearly outlining the proposed use of the lot must accompany the application.


  • 1. A Order One Soil Evaluation must be performed by a soil professional for each proposed lot.
  • 2. An application must be submitted along with the soil report to the Fairfield County Health Department Environmental Office.
  • 3. Vegetation on the lot(s) must be mowed/cut to ankle level. Lots with high grass, brush, or crops cannot be adequately inspected. For wooded lots, only underbrush must be removed.
  • 4. In addition to FDH approval of the proposed split, approval must be obtained by both the Fairfield County Regional Planning Office and the Engineer’s Office.  A “blue sheet” will need to be signed by all three agencies.

> Guidance for Lot Splits

Note: If the remainder is currently and will continue to be used only for agricultural purposes, it does not need to be inspected and the fee does not apply to the remainder. The fee also does not apply to a remainder parcel that includes an existing residence, but soil analysis is still required for a replacement sewage treatment system.