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If you are not the biological parent of a child coming for vaccines, we MUST have a written note from the parents or guardianship papers on file. If we do not have this information, you will be asked to reschedule when you will be able to provide documentation. This is a legal requirement.

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Project Dawn

Project DAWN (Deaths Avoided With Naloxone) is a network of opioid overdose education and naloxone distribution programs (OENDP) coordinated by the Ohio Department of Health.

Naloxone (commonly known as NARCAN®) is a medication that can reverse an overdose caused by an opioid drug (heroin, illicit fentanyl, or prescription pain medications). When administered during an overdose, naloxone blocks the effects of opioids on the brain and quickly restores breathing. Naloxone has been used safely by emergency medical professionals for more than 40 years and has only one critical function: to prevent overdose death by reversing the effects of opioids. Naloxone is a safe, non-controlled drug and has no potential for abuse.

If naloxone is given to a person who is not experiencing an opioid overdose, it is harmless. If naloxone is administered to a person who is dependent on opioids, it will produce withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal, although uncomfortable, is not life-threatening.

Naloxone can be administered by trained laypersons, which can be helpful if a friend, family member, or other bystander witnesses a person overdosing.

Naloxone can be administered in three ways:

  • • Intranasal spray (i.e., NARCAN®).
  • • Intramuscular/subcutaneous (i.e., Evzio®).
  • • Intravenous injection.
The Nursing Division is responsible for providing public health nursing services to the residents of Fairfield County. The primary goal of the nursing division is to promote healthy lifestyles by addressing chronic, acute, and communicable diseases through community planning, health education, and public health nursing services. Nursing services are provided under the guidance of Dr. Mark E. Aebi, Medical Director, and Stephanie Fyffe, MPH BSN RN, Nursing Director. Nursing services are tailored to meet community concerns and needs.




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Flu is more dangerous than the common cold for children
Each year flu places a large burden on the health and wellbeing of children and their families. Annual influenza vaccination is the best method for preventing flu and its potentially severe complications in children.

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